Star Student Report

Alexis Lawerence, Centurion Staff Writer

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This month’s star student is Rachel Johnson. She is a sophomore AP/Honors student. Rachel is in student council and very ambitious. One word she used to describe herself is “intelligent”. In which she is! Rachel is a motivated student and loves our school for its Principal and teachers. She says of them, “they actually care about us and want to see the best for us.”

Some suggestions she has include “more one-on-one contact between students and teachers” and “bringing God back to the academic environment.” She’s very passionate about her family and friends. Her friends say she’s loyal and forgiving.

Rachel as a person is said to be “funny, outgoing, and talkative”. Something interesting about Rachel is that she once took golf, piano, and swimming lessons; she is very outgoing. And I’m sure her teachers would vouch for her being a bit talkative as well! Rachel as a student can be described as easily frustrated, but perseverant when challenged. You Go Girl!

If you haven’t met Rachel, she is indeed someone you should know.

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