Wings: Album Review

Ashley Henderson, Centurion Staff Writer

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Wings is an album by the South Korean boy band BTS. It was released on October 10th, 2016. This album really takes you on a journey–it starts off with the intro, Boy Meets Evil, which a song about falling in love with dangerous, sinister feelings like, greed and lust. The singer, Jeon Hoseok, expresses that he wants to set himself free from his demons. However, the intoxicating feelings are too tempting.

This album touches on a lot of themes such as self worth, love, and greed. I like that BTS doesn’t shy away from dark themes; they instead embrace them and transform them into something beautiful and artistic. The song “2! 3!” is definitely a banger! This song always gets me emotional because it’s about their strong relationship with their fans. BTS has been threw so much and they almost disbanded because of lack of money/people supporting them, so hearing this song really makes me think about how far they’ve come in their career. Now they are very successful and they have so many devoted fans from all over the world! Overall, I would rate this album a 10 out of 10. BTS sounds beautiful and they really worked hard for the aesthetic of Wings. My favorite songs from this album are Reflection, Mama, Stigma, Lie, and 21st Century Girl. I recommend checking out these songs. Happy listening!

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