Elf: The Musical Review

Aaliyah Johnson, Centurion Staff Writer

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Elf: The Musical was a delightful musical experience to enjoy with family, while on a date, or even on a field trip! Elf: The Musical is capable of causing even the oldest of people to revert back to a younger age because it was fun and nostalgic. This musical doesn’t force its music on you, but is able to bring you to tears as it enters your heart and leaves you with loving feelings of Buddy and his family. At first, I didn’t think the play would be as good the movie, but it definitely exceeded my expectations. My favorite part is when Santa went into the audience and it began to snow throughout the crowd. Elf is an amazing story both for children and teens because of its music, and also for adults because of the presence of its nostalgic childhood feeling and sexual innuendos.

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