Black Friday and Its Origins

Dajonte Davis, Centurion Staff Writer

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Black Friday is such a big deal in America. It’s a shifting pace really, going from the kindness and warm-hearted feelings on Thanksgiving to a sudden change. Now you’re ramming the nearest person for that new iPhone! Yet, the biggest difference between Thanksgiving and Black Friday is that most people don’t know the origins of Black Friday. Unlike Thanksgiving, the origin of the term “Black Friday” dates back to September 24th 1869, with two men—Jay Gould and James Fisk. They created a burst in gold prices after a stock market crash followed. During this time, Tammany Hall was not at its best and Jay and Jame’s schemes led to the crash of the stock market which left nearly everyone bankrupt. However, the term’s meaning intensified in the 1950’s when waves of tourists and shoppers would appear after a big football game, leading to mass shoplifting and high patrol of police officers. These officers had to work long, and over time Black Friday began to receive negative connotations because of this ordeal. Subsequently, retail owners took the opportunity to lower prices and, soon enough, retail owners found out that this practice was making them a huge profit; all from a very complicated and stress-inducing incident among the people. Now you know its origins. Happy shopping!

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