Social Media: Detrimental to Teens’ Health and Safety

Ariana Smith, Centurion Staff Writer

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Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter… if you do not know these social media sites, you are not a teen!! Social media is a form of online communication where users can create accounts to share content with friends. It all started in 1997 when the first known social media site, Six Degrees, was invented. Social media soon started developing using instant messaging and emailing. Teens use social media for both good and bad; although, lately, social media has been used in an adverse way. Teens have been bullied, kidnapped, and unable to get jobs because of social media.

For these last couple of years teens have been using social media for an alarmingly destructive amount of time. According to Evan Asano,” Teens now spend up to 9 hours a day on social media.” This extended usage of social media is detrimental to teens’ health and safety. According to bullying statistics, 25% of children and teens have been bullied through social media. When teens use this, they send hateful comments to one another which eventually can lead to a person committing suicide. Also, when teens are on social media, random people are able to contact them. This leads to the abduction of many children and teens.

In fact, 69% of teens receive messages on social media from complete strangers and don’t tell their parents or guardians. Social media is also harmful towards health. Social media causes depression, increases diabetes, lack of communication, and more. All of these conditions come from the amount of time teenagers sit on their cell phones on social media. It is important for teens to be aware of these abuses to protect their health and safety.

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