Varsity Volleyball – A Star Studded Season

Aaron Bell, Web Editor

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The season is off to a wonderful start for the Varsity Volleyball team. Despite a few setbacks because of the absence of Zoe Kriha and Bianca Cain, the team has still gone undefeated in the regular season. Besides Zoe and Bianca, his year’s roster includes Tayllor Goodman, Deonna Carey, Tamia Johnson, Selena Hall, Natalie Sackey, Kyira Cook, Juanita Carrera, Maya Rogers, Cierra Hollis, and Aria Williams. Although the games have been hard fought, under Coach “B” and Assistant Coach Ochoa, the girls have been able to snag two victories over both Thornton and Hillcrest. “I think that we have developed and bonded a lot over [this] summer,” says player Bianca Cain. “We have had ups and downs, but we always have found a way to settle our differences in the end.”

It seems also that an early shift in mentality has contributed to the team’s success in the beginning of the season. “It’s all about having fun and positivity on the court, because when we’re ‘turnt up’, you can see it on the scoreboard. We work very hard in practice, and it shows during our games,” Tayllor Goodman explains. Despite all the positivity surrounding the team, it hit the team hard when star Zoe Kriha was injured after falling on her knee and tearing a ligament. But, the team has not used this as any form of an excuse. “We’re [still] always pushing each other to become better and reach new levels in our game,” explains Goodman. The team’s ability to remain optimistic shows their resilience and grit. With their current attitude, they are proving that anything is possible.

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