Sickness is in the Air

Aaron Bell, Web Editor

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Fall is a beautiful season, with plenty of its own charms that neither the winter, spring, or summer quite have to offer. From the beautiful autumn scenery that features colorful splashes of leaves falling ever so gently in the crisp wind to the exhilarating thrill of watching a good-ol’ high school or college football game under a warm blanket with friends, fall is in the air. Unfortunately, for many of us, coughing, sneezing, and uncontrollable urges to somehow do both at the same time are in the air, too. This is in large part due to the fact that seasonal transitions also bring allergy-related issues to many people. Sinuses often react in an inconvenient manner, leaving many of us with sniffles, a mild to severe cough, stuffy nose, and many other inopportune handicaps. As a result, we end up feeling sluggish and congested.

However, these ailments are more than just burdens for us to work around as students and athletes. In fact, seasonal allergies, including fall allergies, affect more than 35 million Americans and cost the U.S. economy more than $7 billion in lost productivity. A case of the sniffles is much more impactful on the economy than one might think.

The solution, you may ask? It’s actually quite simple. First and foremost, rest is the most important aspect to recovering from any sickness of allergy. Bedrest and lots of warm fluids will expedite the recovery process. Also, the appropriate medications should be taken in moderation. For example, taking Allegra to help with feelings of congestion and coughing will help to push the sickness out. But most of all, don’t let it ruin your fall season! It can be exasperating at first, but making the most of your situation will help you to get through your allergies and sickness in no time.

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