Bomb Rock Manhattan

Aaron Bell, Web Editor

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After the Manhattan bombings in New York City 2 weeks ago, prime suspect Ahmad Rahami has finally been arrested. So far Rahami has been charged with federal and state charges, including three counts of using and attempting to use of weapons of mass destruction that could send him to prison for life if he is convicted.

Surveillance video that was released on the 22nd shows the moment that a suspected terrorist left luggage containing an explosive device inside on West 27rd Street in Manhattan, and another passerby who appears to unintentionally kick the bag containing the bomb device.

The explosive inside the suitcase left on West 27th Street did not explode, and was taken by two other men who then stole the luggage. However, the bomb device was left behind inside a plastic bag. The two men who stole the luggage presumably were unaware of the fact that the device they removed—a pressure cooker bomb—could have killed them on contact had it detonated.

In the film, the two men can be seen walking down the street when one of the men makes note of that fact that a bag has been left near a public transit bus stall. The other man continues to walk, until the man observing the bag convinces the man walking to come back and look at it with him. They then open the bag, remove—what they thought to be—an empty plastic bag containing a device, and continue walking with the suitcase. Although the surveillance initially suggested that the two men were linked to the terrorist activity that has happened this month, further examination has proven that they were unaware of any of the circumstances.

Another bomb left by Rahami was also discovered on West 23rd street. This bombing, which occurred around the 15th of this month, was successful in injuring 31 but thankfully claimed no lives. Another explosive device was discovered at an Elizabeth, New Jersey, train station Monday. This bomb went off as a bomb squad robot attempted to defuse the bomb, authorities say. Rahami will be kept under tight watch until all of the events of this month’s attacks have been fully situated. His wife, who is currently in Dubai, will be questioned when she returns to the United States. She has not been charged.

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