Is Perception Reality?

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Perception is how we perceive other people, situations, and things. Perception is important to many people because many of us want to be perceived as something depending on our situations. For example, when attending a job interview, most people will dress conservatively because they want to be perceived like they are capable enough to obtain the job. Most of the time, perception depends on how someone dresses and their body language. People depend on perception, because perception is based mainly on what others see, which is why people always try their best to make a first good impression.

However, perception can be negative concept because some people can be perceived the wrong way, which can cause them to not make friends, get a job, or whatever the case may be. For example, if you are a kind person, but the tone of your voice is dull, some people may perceive you as a boring or even rude. Perception can also be deceived when communicating with someone, especially when texting. Tone plays a great role when being perceived, but no one can hear tone of your voice when texting which leads to misinterpretation. When a texting a phrase, you might interpret it as something else while the person didn’t mean it in the way you thought he or she did. This is why perception can be very misleading.

Perception is extremely important when it comes down to yourself. Our perception of ourselves is almost like our opinions of ourselves. The way we perceive ourselves can boost or lower our self-esteem. Our perception is slightly different, because in order to perceive ourselves as intelligent, we take actions to perceive ourselves as what we say we are. Remember that perception is important, but how we perceive ourselves is far more important because we are defining who we are. When we have a clear sense of who we are, we take actions to become that.

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