Can We Learn Better?

Grace Irio Ogbe, Staff Writer

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In the past few years, homeschooling has increased immensely in the United States. Before the 19th century, homeschooling was not as prominent when it first emerged in the 1980s. John Holt proposed the concept of homeschooling during the 1970s and the system influenced many parents to take their students out of public schools. However, since its introduction, this system has greatly increased because of the high stream of technology used in the 21st century. Students are finding it easier to learn material at home because they are learning at their own pace online. Homeschooling is a great way for students to be in a comfortable learning environment, but it can also be very limiting. Students wouldn’t be able to communicate with other peers nor public staff. Communication is a vital skill that everyone needs to be able to use in an institution, workplace, or elsewhere. When homeschooled, they can’t obtain these skills as well as others in an actual school.

On the other hand, attending public schools gets students to become accustomed to participating and experiencing connection with other students. However, this system of schooling can be a disadvantage because students are exposed to bullying, but for the most part, public schools prepare students for life. Public schools teach you more responsibility because there are very strict timing systems. For example, an average student in a public school takes the bus to and from school and attends classes. If he/she is late, they will suffer consequences. This system allows students to be more organized, completive, and liable in the future.

If any parent is debating what schooling system is best for their child, they should weigh the advantages and disadvantages of their child’s education. Choosing the best schooling system isn’t easy, but it’s a very important part of the child’s life in order for them to succeed.

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