How To Stop Letting Bullies Into Your Head

Grace Irio Ogbe, Staff Writer

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Whenever someone thinks of the general idea of school, there are usually a few things that come to their head. Those general ideas are learning, note taking, tests, and waking up early. However, school is also prominent in the aspect of bullying. Bullying in schools has affected tons of teenagers around the world and this has also led many to commit suicide. There are many forms of bullying that teens suffer through. Nowadays, teens are suffering through a lot of cyber bullying because the media has become so prominent. Most importantly, bullying effects teens’ self-esteem in many ways.

Those who are victims of bullying have experienced a great deal of depression and low self-esteem. They allow others to take control of their life in negative ways, which leads them to avoid their potential. Though some bullying cases are severe, they can still be prevented. Whenever someone is treating you abusively, tell someone immediately and contact the police. Also, most importantly, never let bullies define you as a person; only you are in charge of that.

Some people, such as myself, deal with mild cases of bullying which can also belittle them. There was a time that I suffered through bullying, and I let the bully take control of my self-esteem. However, whenever I did that, it prevented me from knowing my potential. Currently, I’m starting to realize that my opinion about myself is what’s most important, and that life is far too important to be concerned about someone else’s opinion. My advice out there for anyone who is dealing with any kind of bullying is to ignore those who make you feel belittled, and strive your hardest to be the best version of yourself.

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