Club Highlight: Mathletes

Vanessa Angel, Centurion Staff Writer

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Numbers, equations, and logic is what Mathletes is all about! It is not the type of game show seen on movies where you have the chills and can’t get your words out. It is actually three rounds consisting of questions and a pencil! There are rounds in where you can work with a group and others where it’s just you and your calculator. This past season in Mathletes was so much fun. There came a competition in where our school took 2nd place for the night. The first time in

about 5 years! Even though it meant that sometimes we came home late at night, it was all worth it. Mathletes only competes once a month for 5 competitions. When next year comes around, our Mathletes Team will like to encourage more people to take part in this challenging, yet fun afterschool activity.

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