Club Highlight: Scholastic Bowl

Vanessa Angel, Centurion Staff Writer

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Scholastic Bowl is all about the brains, excitement, and most of all entertainment! It is a place where you can not only retain more knowledge with riddles and questions, but also a place to meet new people and have a good time with your friends. There is so much information that is learned each and every competition that we have. When you join, there will be new names of people, places, and things in which you have never even heard of. It’s challenging! It’s fun! It’s live trivia crack! Scholastic Bowl consists of three rounds, in which there is a half time in each. The first question is called a toss up.(10 pts each) This means that you can answer the question whenever you want with your given buzzer. Whichever team gets the question right, gets a chance to answer the bonus questions worth up to 30 points. During this year’s scholastic bowl season, our school did an awesome job with the toss ups! Alicia Weatherspoon, Nick Silva, Chidera Onyiezeh, and Nehemiah Arriaga were the top scorers for our school. Congrats trivia whizzes! We hope to see new faces in the upcoming schoolyear. Great job everyone for an awesome season.

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