Prostart Program

Edith Alvarado, Staff Writer

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Prostart is a program not just designed for cooking but for creating leaders. In the beginning of the year, the ProStart students struggled to find their leadership qualities, but through Chef Crawford’s help, they all became leaders in their own little way. Prostart is more than just a class to teach you how to cook, it is a home to some people. You learn that you cannot take a win unless you have a team, and that’s what Prostart is… a TEAM! You learn to work with people you never thought you could work with in many different situations. Chef Crawford truthfully does a magnificent job. He has passion and determination to make his students (his “kids”) make it far in life, not to just settle for anything but to go above and beyond. Stated by Chef Crawford, ” If I don’t get you now, I’ll get you later!”

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