Let’s Play V-ball!

Chidera Onyeizeh, Editor-in-Chief

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Have one ever in one’s existence have something one absolutely love and can’t be happy without? Is the something one holds dear to oneself that gets one through the day? Well I do. And that something that I hold dear to, that something that makes me happy… Is simply Volleyball. Volleyball, Volleyball, Volleyball is all I can think about. What motivates me to wake up in the morning, dress for school, and go to school is the prospect of play volleyball in gym 4th period or playing volleyball for the school team. I think one, or anybody should play and try it out. It let’s you relieve stress, and Best of all joining the Volleyball Team, Men’s and or Women’s Volleyball team at one’s school will allow you to create strong, inspirational, encouraging, and supportive bonds with one’s fellow team mates! Playing on the Volleyball Court gives one an extravagant feeling of rejuvenating energy, excitement, and joy! Even after the win and or loss, one gives handshakes saying good game, one feels happy for just playing. With all that is said, tryout for one’s school Volleyball team. I say all this because of my experience playing for my district team. I met new and entertaining guys from of other schools in my district who have incredible talent and personality. The Coaches of the team have amazing work and coaching ethics that motivates the That reminds me, the Rich township District 227, has there own new Men’s Volleyball team recently created by the District 227 School Educational Board and male Rich South student come out and tryout for the team. Tryouts are March 7th, 8th, and 9th you must come on all 3 tryout days. I’ll say it again tryout for the volleyball team play, enjoy, and most of all have fun! Oh, and don’t forget… Winning isn’t everything.

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