What’s in the Stars for the Stars

Aaron Bell, Centurion Staff Writer

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What separates us, Rich South, from being a state renowned academic high school such as Whitney Young, Lincoln Park, or New Trier? Can Rich South really reach the status of being one of the best high schools in the state? Can it reach the status of being one of the greatest in the United States? Personally, I believe that both statuses can be achieved by Rich South. We have lots of academic talent in our school, and certainly neither of those titles are far out of reach for us.

With the help of Mr. McGrone, I believe that we can be guided to improving our school’s reputation; in fact, Mr. McGrone has already help to largely adjust the climate in the school. By reducing altercations, diminishing tardies, and boosting school pride, he has helped to persuade the students who were previously less academically focused to be more dedicated to their studies. In fact, almost 500 students achieved honor roll status first quarter. This is a large improvement.

There is no reason that we can’t be an outstanding academic high school. According to GreatSchools, Rich South’s rating is a three out of ten. This in no way reflects the reality of what the school is really like. However, we, the students, have the power to change our reputation. We have the power to become one of the greatest academic high schools in all of America.

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