Rich South “Turn Up” Fridays

Aaron Bell, Centurion Staff Writer

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This school year, Mr. McGrone has made sure that he has found entertainment for his students. We have had several socials throughout the year, and Chicago’s very own DJ Buckwild has made plenty of visits this year in an effort to bring his musical talent to the school’s events and lunch periods. This school year, students have seen appearances from several performers such as Chicago dancers Leek, Dlow, Big Sexy, and singer T-Star; but what performers will graze the stage of Rich South in 2015?

Personally, I would like to see more dancers at the school. Dancer “Lil Kemo” is an artistic performer who I’m sure everyone would enjoy watching. A talented dancer from Chicago’s west side, Lil Kemo can not only bop, but also do traditional Chicago-style footwork. Chicago-style footwork is one of the most difficult types of footwork, but Lil Kemo is a talented artist who can do it very well. He would definitely bring lots of positive energy to the school that would be warmly welcomed.

Another performer who many students would like to see perform is rapper Lil Herb. He is definitely one of the most popular young musical artists from our great city; he is a very clever lyricist who invigorates his audience wherever he is. There are few who would not enjoy a performance in the cafeteria by “G-Herbo”.

There are many Chicago-based artists who would be willing to come out, and we cannot wait to see what the next “Turn Up” Friday will bring.

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