Mr. McGrone: The Change that Rich South Needs

Aaron Bell, Centurion Staff Writer

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Rich South’s newest principal, Mr. McGrone, has exponentially helped to transform the school into being a prodigious institution. He has made huge leaps and bounds at the school by making the school safer, more academically inclined, and boosting school spirit and morale through the roof.

Although Mr. McGrone is only beginning his administrative career at Rich South, he has made large modifications in the school’s environment that were lacking prior to his arrival. He was born in Gary, Indiana and faced many challenges in his life growing up. Still, he managed to fight though his circumstances and graduate from Northeastern Illinois University. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Psychological and Behavioral Studies in Adolescents, and gratuated with honors. He also graduated from Governor’s State University, with his Masters in Educational Leadership. He uses his story as proof for students that one’s life situations do not determine one’s success.

He has made several positive changes that have benefitted the school, including making the school environment safer. There was a large amount of altercations that broke out throughout the course of the previous school years. However, with Mr. McGrone as principal, there have been less than 5 physical altercations over the course of the 2015-2016 school year; this is a 90% reduction in physical school altercations. In addition to his work in reducing conflict among students, he has also helped to cultivate a more academically inclined environment. He often stresses the importance of making the most of academic opportunities, and getting a quality education. Mr. McGrone frequently offers incentives for those who perform academically through achieving the bronze (3.0-3.4 GPA), silver (3.5-3.9 GPA), or gold (4.0 GPA or above) honor rolls. Some of these incentives include ice cream socials, musical performances, and he has even opened up the school’s gymnasiums up for the students to come on the weekends and play basketball. Afterwards, students may go to the cafeteria, where food is served.

Mr. McGrone is indisputably very passionate about his job, and he cares deeply about his students. He oftentimes gives the student body morning speeches regarding his plan of success for everyone. It is evident that he aspires to cultivate the school into not just a “good” school—but rather a great one. He plans to put Rich South on the map, and he is taking it one step at a time; he believes that he has the best, the brightest, and the boldest students in District 227, and he believes that soon he will be able to say he has the best, brightest, and boldest high school in the nation.

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