Technology in the Classroom

Aaron Bell, Centurion Staff Writer

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Technology is a very prominent educational tool in high schools today; it is arguably the most important tool, because of its versatility. Computers and tablets can be used in place of textbooks and dictionaries, which helps the environment; they can be used as tools for notetaking and writing; they can even be used for educational games and activities, which can make topics and lessons significantly more intriguing for students (and even teachers). These approaches with technology only scratch the surface of the possibilities…. potential usefulness as an aid in the classroom. Technology can do so much for both students and educators; but not when computers are slow and unresponsive. At Rich South, many computers are just not up to par, in terms of functionality. When it takes over [insert Mrs. April’s statistic] minutes for teachers to log in to their computer and check their email on a daily basis, technology quickly becomes more of a nuisance than an aid. This is not always the case though. Many of the school’s netbook computers—previously known as “Nobis”—have been replaced with much faster, sleeker, and more functional Google Chromebooks. They offer a very quick-launching and easy-to-use interface, which is designed to help students accomplish what they need to do with great speed. The Google Chromebook computers are not the issue; it is the rest of the desktop computers that plague teacher’s classrooms and, most notoriously, the school’s media center. An upgrade for these computers would definitely benefit everyone. With updates for the school’s desktops would come several appreciative teachers and students, who would see computers as an aid for productive working.

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