Struggles of an African Teen versus Their American Counterpart

Chidera Onyeizeh, Centurion Editor-in-Chief

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Stated by my dad, “So you are wearing your cap backwards in the direction your life will head towards!? Ah beg, before I slap you, turn your life around!”I understand reading that, you can’t understand how can a cap or what ever you wear on your head dictate the direction you life will head for. Before I explain what he said, here are some similar situations experience by an African Teen verse an American Teen.

Case1: Extra Curricular Activities. 

American Teen:

“Dad, I’m staying after school for Football.”

“Ok son, I’ll pick you up after school.”

“And don’t be late again!”

African Teen:

“Daddy, can I stay after school?”

“You are doing extra credit?”

“No Sir.”

“You have to take a test?”

“No Sir.”

“Then for what!?”

“Football Sir.”

” I don’t care if it’s hand or face ball, if you are not here on time both of us will need a stretcher!”

Case2: I love you dad!

American Teen:

“I love you dad so much!”

“Awe, Son. I love you even more! Come here and give me a hug!”

African Teen:

“Daddy I love you.”

….a long and noticeable pause goes by….

“Thank you.”

Case3: Getting injured

American Teen:

“Dad I broke my leg jumping off a balcony!” Says as he limps.

“Oh my god! Son are you ok?!”

African Teen:

“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, I think I broke my leg!” He says as he limps and falls to the floor.

“Ehheh, so you broke your leg? Why wouldn’t you break your leg, when all you do is run around! Now, if you were sitting down and reading a book would you break your leg? Ah beg, my friend get up and go drink some tea and put some rub on that thing and go to sleep!”

Case4: Halloween

American Teen:

“Son, what do you want to be for Halloween?”

“A killer.”

“Well, Freddy or Jason?”

African Teen:

“Dad what should I be for Halloween?”

“Eh, you want to be masquerading with demons? Ask me that question again! You will be consumed with hallo-slaps, hallo-goat!”

With all the cases you have read, it can be reasonably assumed the situation in which my dad said what he said. Now, what would your parents say to you if you, regardless of your ethnicity, if you had your hat on backwards?

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