Brooklyn Calhoun, Staff Writer

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I was blessed to have the opportunity to visit three different countries in Europe in the summer of 2014 with my AP classmates and AP teachers.  We had the chance to tour Italy, France, and Spain in the time span of ten busy days.  The traveling back and forth was something I had never experienced. My favorite spot was the French Riviera in France. The view of the Mediterranean Sea was really breathtaking in all honesty. Going to other countries can change your life. It changed my outlook on things and also, made me realize how cultured people actually are. I must admit that I was a little bit apprehensive about going to another country. I was around different types of people and languages. At the same time, it made me realize that America, Italy, France, and Spain were very different countries but had similar aspects in a way. One thing in particular that I liked was the food.  The different combinations foods in each of the different countries were amazing. Although I did not like every single thing that ate, it was cool to say I tried something different. I encourage anyone if they have the opportunity to tour different countries and take advantage of it. Again, seeing different cultures really does change your life because you create a new outlook on life.

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