Staff Member You Should Know

William Caldwell, Editor

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Everyone at Rich South High School knows Mr. Gordon, but not the real Mr. Gordon. Mr. Joe Gordon was born in Chicago, Illinois. He attended Governor’s State University and earned his Bachelor of Science and Education Administration degrees. Mr. Gordon was a teacher for fifteen years teaching most sciences, such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physical Science. Now, Mr. Gordon has been a dean of students and in other various administration positions for the past six years. Mr. Gordon said “what I like most about my job is that I like to help the students solve their issues and guide them in the right direction to become successful”. Mr. Gordon is married to his wife of thirty-six years and they have two sons. From time to time, he likes to detail his cars and go to the gym to workout. Back in the day, Mr. Gordon was a DJ and he pledged to Alpha Phi Alpha. This is a person you should know. Mr. Joe Gordon.

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