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William Caldwell, Editor

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The person you should know is Mrs. Danielle Morrissette. Mrs. Morrissette was born in Joliet, Illinois. She has been a teacher for the past twenty-two years and she has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of St. Francis and a Master of Science degree from Governor’s State University. Mrs. Morrissette said “what I like most about teaching is the relationships that I form with the students and the happiness I feel when they learn something new and feel good about themselves”. Mrs. Morrissette is married to her husband, Matt, and they have two lovely daughters, Emily and Allison. In her spare time, Mrs. Morrissette likes to read, ride her bike, and swim with her family. One interesting fact about Mrs. Morrissette is that she is a certified scuba diver. Mrs. Morrissette is a person you should know. Mrs. Danielle Morrissette.

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